Belated Resolutions 2013

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and 2013 is off to a good start! I wanted to write a thoughtful post and clarify my resolutions and goals for the new year, but I have to admit that this year has been off to a hectic start and things have been changing on a daily basis. The highlights so far have been: trying to find a new product design job, our kitchen faucet cracking and spraying water all over, the pot rack slowly falling off our wall, and my family's cat passed away. And it's only 2 weeks into the new year! I hope to get all this crazy out of the way early so the rest of the year will be a bit smoother... 

So considering my big picture resolutions aren't off to a good start and it's already mid-January I don't have high expectations for the rest of the year. With that being said though... I still thought it would be fun to send out my resolutions.  I figured if I can't keep up with all the resolutions I will make a few fun ones so I can still feel accomplished about something throughout the year! So here goes... 


1. Watch Star Wars

What is that you ask? Again? No no... for the first time! I know it's a total crime but 2013 is a good year to finally knock that off my list. I've been hesitant to see it because I know it was so cool when it first came out, but since I haven't grown up loving it I am afraid it will seem dated and cheezy now, thoughts?

Either way I am looking forward to it! And then I plan to watch plenty more movies with popcorn. Any other movie suggestions to make me a properly cultured American? 


2. Read

So the truth is I am a glacially slow reader. It took me a full year to finish the last "fun" book I picked! (From one October freak storm to the next.)  But I can never read enough about design and I certainly don't make enough time for it. It's increasingly important for my business and so now it's officially on my list. It's a good hybrid resolution of fun, self-improvement, and business related. Here are a few that are on my list so far:

The Business of Design - balancing creativity & profitability (business)
The Abrams Guide to Period Styles for Interiors (reference) 
The Interior Plan: concepts & exercises (continuing education)
Furnishing Forward by Sheila Bridges (designer work & philosophy) 


3. Be Social

 As I was organizing my to-do list for the year I realized there are at least 14 active social profiles I try to maintain! There are professional ones such as LinkedIn and portfolio websites such as Coroflot. Then there are image related ones such as Instagram and Pinterest. Then the communication networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It is a lot to keep up with and leaves my head spinning! So my goal is to narrow my focus on a few to grow throughout the year, and here are my top picks:

Facebook (like me!)
Twitter with #hashtags (follow me!)
Pinterest  (pin it!)
Google+ (does anybody else know how to use this platform??)
Coroflot (time to get my product portfolio cranking!)
Face Time (not the apple feature but in person, face-to-face! let's meet!)  


4. Get a SmartPhone:

I know, another crime! Since I do a lot of work on the computer with internet availability I've been avoiding upgrading my plan to save money. I know once I cross over there is no way I'm turning back but I think it would help with my networking efforts above. And plus... it would just be fun! I'd be ready to snatch up this beauty in white.


5. Be a Content Creator

Between product design & interior decorating I have a lot of ideas! My goal is to create and share as much unique content online as possible. Since creating content takes a lot of time I might not always have original designs to share, so then I'll either let you into a bit of the process or I'll curate design related pages and inspiration boards to share!

An image board with pricing and sources I created for the sunroom project {here}


6. Blog Once A Week

Since I have so many ideas and see so many new design ideas everyday I have a lot to talk about. But for me the thought of keeping up with a blog can be very intimidating. Writing has never been a strong skill of mine and so I work very hard to improve my communication. Add in the fact that I am naturally a very private and shy person and the idea of exposing my thoughts online is scary! But over the past few years I've followed Grace Bonney's blog, Design*Sponge, I have learned about some key elements to writing a successful blog. Grace shared some of her tips which include an editorial calendar (!), researching articles, and drafting different posts. That made me realize how much thought and work goes into a good post and it isn't just magically done on the fly everyday. 

I'm mentioning this because it removes some of the intimidation and makes me think I can come up with enough content for a year if I give it some thought in advance. So I have started drafting my own editorial calendar and will try to post once a week, maybe more if I can.

What topics would you like to read throughout the year?
When is a good day of the week to post?

Here is a picture of Interior Design magazine's editorial calendar. I've started with google calendar and will transfer it into a sheet like this. 



So there we have it!

I think I've kept my goals pretty simple and hopefully achievable. There are always the smaller daily goals related to keeping myself healthy and continue growing my business but I think it would take me all year just to type all those out!

So how about you? Do you make resolutions for the new year? I'd love to hear about yours in the comments below!

Cheers to you and the year ahead!