Bright Ideas from ICFF: Part 1 of 2

Where is the time going?!? I can't believe tomorrow will be August already! I have spent the past few weeks organizing the last bit of ICFF information I collected and so I'm ready to send out my last few product round ups! I wanted to send lighting next since I've been thinking about a few design projects that involve lighting. It's always great to see what new stuff is out there! Here is the first post of two.


Vintage aged brass, etched glass, porcelain, one of a kind. I like the clustered look of the light below.


The open and minimal look of this one.


And the teardrop shaped bulbs on this one...

Triad with exclusive matte white bulbs and hand cast porcelain


Barcelona based design firm has come up with a line of outdoor lighting with innovative combinations of materials, like the Txl lamp below. I like that you can bring the inside "out" with these, they look like normal living room lamps.

Txl outdoor lighting

I like the combination of materials in this floating shade concept.

Mercer table lamp

And this lamp is designed to play with light and shadow with it's narrow slits.

Maranga floor lamp


Scandinavian flat packing applied to these lamps. They offer product similar to the P H artichoke lamp and offer an ethereal feather lamp in various sizes.

Eos light

Cluster of Eos Minis


Extremely minimal fixtures are made with long wooden sticks with recessed LED lights. The custom joint allows for many configurations as shown below.


And a new wood chandelier in their offerings.

Chime Chandelier

Gabriel & Scott

Brother duo created some geometric light fixtures in bent metal. I like the contrast of the simmering metallic interior color with the matte black outside on the Welles light below.


And this chandelier is surprisingly elegant considering it's made of all metal and the light filters through metal chains. You can see how they make it from this video here.

Kelly chandelier in brass

Lightart 3form

Innovative surface materials such as acrylic applied to lighting. These glowing halos were at the fair, they are totally customizable with materials and sizes.

Zero - silken bridal

Dahlia Pendant

Ribbon Sun Chandelier

Dare I say they are channeling Chihuly in some of their lights? Instead of hand blown glass they are using melted and formed plastics.


So what do you think of these new lights and lamps? Are they inspiring or too contemporary for your home?  Check back this Friday for lighting post two!


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