Bringing the Outdoors Inside Is Only Good Sometimes...

As I was gathering my thoughts for this post with Mother's Day quickly approaching I was thinking about all the different things I could show that a mom would love. Then I was thinking a mom would probably love nothing more than for her life to be a little simpler... just one less thing to take care of, right? And considering it's just the beginning of the messy outdoor season with gardening, yardwork, and generally muddy feet tracking in the great outdoors.... I thought that perhaps the idea of a mudroom could make a mom happy. A place where muddy feet stay, bags get tossed, wet rain drenched coats hung... and nothing filthy goes past this barrier so the house stays fresh and clean, ahhhh....


Are you with me on this? What do you think? Is this something a mom would appreciate? Here are some ideas for a mudroom that you could work into any space.


If you don't have alot of room for a built-in try framing out some cubbies around a window. This offers plenty of storage while still letting the light in. I would even suggest making the cubby in front of the window lower to create a window seat.


See how this concept puts the bench nice and low below the windows to create a seat? Cubbies with baskets neatly stacked above eachother are kept towards one side. Tile floor is easy to clean and the carpet catches all the mess.


If you have a cubby area or nook near the entry create an alcove for stashing your stuff. This Mediterranean design is just beautiful, look at that tile!  Try a rug by the door for wiping feet! They probably look bad in photos but they are very practical :)

This one makes smart use of the space under the stairs!


Brighten up the area with a painted door in a bright cheery color.


If you have a big open space try adding a room divider that incorporates storage.


I also like this idea that incorporates some clever storage - very similar to the kind you find a kitchen! Nice application here.


Look at this beautiful AND fun entry with the ladder on a rail.


So now if you don't have the room for custom built-ins have no fear. There are still plenty of options for you! For example, look at this fantastic closed storage option found at IKEA and The Container Store. It's very narrow but still stores lots of shoes. And you have a top surface to toss keys and mail.

This idea of adding lockers along the wall is smart. You can certainly utilize wide stairs for storage as well. The main thing missing from this picture is a super absorbent rug to wipe feet on.

Here's an "entry classic", just add a narrow bench with a coat rack above and keep everything in scale with the space. You can decorate above the coat rack with travel memorabilia or artwork. Simply tuck shoes under the bench.

Even a simple coat rack with boot tray would help keep dirt contained. Easy to bring the boot tray outside and spray it off. And please note the helpful green rug ready for muddy feet.

This small space works well with hooks for coats, a rug, and stairs to sit and put shoes on. Perhaps more shoes are stored in the cabinets to the right? A small boot tray could also work to the left of the stairs.

And lastly a creative idea for wall cubbies. Try tubes of different diameters assembled together. Designate one for scarves, gloves, hats, etc. Frame a special glove while you're at it ;)


Hope this helps spark an idea for you! Happy Mother's Day, and here's hoping some part of your life will be a bit easier!


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