Broken Kitchen (Sets)

Kitchens are such a fascinating anthropological study of our social habits, and design trends are just the tip of the iceberg! Over time kitchens have radically evolved depending how families socially interact with each other. Kitchens of today are a very neutral space where everyone can participate in creating a delicious meal. In addition people are seeking an open floor plan where rooms flow into each other and they want kitchens to be part of that. 


I think one way that kitchens are achieving this open concept is by breaking up the sets. Just like so many other areas of the home matchy matchy is falling out of favor and the kitchen transition is following suit.  We are starting to see mixed cabinetry, perhaps the kitchen island is a different color than the cabinets so it looks more like furniture.

Via BeautifulHomes&Designs


Or sometimes the upper and lower cabinet finishes are mixed




Another great way to start camoflauging a kitchen is by "building-in" your appliances. Fridges and dishwashers look seamless with matching wood paneling on the front.  


This asian inspired piece is probably the most unique I've ever seen in the kitchen! It's fantastic, looks like a stand alone piece of furniture.

Or camoflauge with wallpaper around the stove instead of brick or stone. 


In some cases people are even forgoing a formal dining room and combining the room into the open kitchen concept.




All of these things are taking a more casual approach to kitchen design. While there's no mistaking that it is still in fact a kitchen, I think the feeling is more of a study with built in bookshelves, a desk, and leather chairs that says: "Yes I do work here but come relax with me."


Design styles are always evolving but I think many styles are working towards the same social goals of open entertaining.

What do you think? Do you like a full matching kitchen set or are you interested in breaking them up?


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