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Hola mis amigos! Hello my dear friends. We just returned from our vacation in Mexico where we enjoyed some quality R&R on Akumal Beach - land of the turtle! It was so beautiful and great to take a little time off. Maybe I'll put together a few photos that highlight our trip. But in the meantime I wanted to share some outdoor furniture from the ICFF!

It is at events & fairs like the ICFF that I realize just how vast the design world is... it's totally crazy, mind melting, and inspiring all at once. It's hard to figure out how to organize these posts... I originally thought "furniture" would be just one category (silly me!).  Then I started sorting through everything so now I decided to add another sub-category: outdoor furniture. It's fun and funky- perfect for a summer post in August!

Weltevree Outdoor

Well I'm torn between the Dutchtub Original and the Dutchtub Wood... I mean you can carry the Original by bike and it come in so many colors....

Dutchtub Original - just look how romantic

Original by Bike... bring the party with you.

But the Dutchtub Wood shows how convenient it could be to stir-fry while soaking in the hot tub.

Dutchtub Wood - with Wok

It's totally crazy and totally awesome at the same time. I want one. We could fit it somewhere in the yard I'm sure. All sarcasm aside though, I do think it's rather simple and smart. No motors to break down just a simple wood fire for relaxing. I wonder if you could use it as a pool during the summer, sans fire?

Zachary A Design

Cement look + lightweight is what they claim. I wish I saw these in person, guess I missed them. The brochure shows a cute little boy lifting up one of these bad boys. Pretty good fake actually - a lot of these designs would look great in a garden setting.

Slab dining table

Van Eyke Chair


These are interesting, their booth and brochure from the fair shows these at a campsite setting, which is pretty cool I guess. But I'm more interested in how they use them at hotels, and in the pool...


Monaco Monte Carlo

Villa My Spy

Qui-est Paul

French design firm offers great outdoor furniture options with their roto-molded plastic that is hand finished. Perfect for hotel and spas as pictured, they also offer a light-up version of their chair and planters.






These big cushion furniture can be used either indoor or out. They offer a full line of seating furniture in varying patterns: couch, chair, chaise, ottoman.

Product Line

Striped Ottomans

Polart Designs

You may have seen these before, they have been in lots of magazines and are quite popular (and unforgettable). They are certainly worth sharing in this outdoor post though, they added a few new deigns and their outdoor options offer upholstery or not.

I love their product staging

Duxbury Coastal Teak

Well these designs might seem a bit boring, or too "normal" after seeing most of the above but who doesn't love classic teak outdoor furniture? These are all very streamlined and contemporary with smart design features.

Expandable Teak Dining Table

Cap d'Antibes Lounger - with wheels for easy moving

Newport - Classic Teak Dining Set

Porto Cervo - Contemporary Wicker Set

A Recipe 

And at last the curry recipe I mentioned in this post. It is comparable (if not the same as) a Thai curry with creamy coconut and subtle spices. It was amazing and I made the dish twice! I hope you enjoy as much as I did, and you could easily substitute chicken for the shrimp :) 

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buen provecho!

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