Creative Solutions for Necessary Evils

My car was in and out of the shop this past week and I've finally gotten it back, horray! It was challenging to coordinate two different schedules around one car, and there is limited public transit for travel within NJ. NJ to NYC - no problem. Eastbound travel within New Jersey - not so easy. Anyway I'd be just as happy to not own a car but alas I still need one! That got me thinking about all the necessary evils that we deal with, my car being one of them, and there are certainly plenty in the decorating world! 

Here are the top 4 necessary evils that came to mind right away:
- Incorporating a TV into a room plan
- Designing around floor & wall vents for HVAC
- Plugs and wires for connecting our digital world
- Cash (always a necessary evil!)

What other necessary evils do you find hindering the way your rooms work? I'll address each of those above and I'll start with the TV. I think this is something we all deal with and there are many ways to make it work!

#1 - The TV is Bossy

Necessary: for entertaining, watching TV & movies with friends and family

Evil: When living rooms are bossed around by the TV it results in uncomfortable room arrangements.

With new technology and flat screens there are many options you can use to incorporate the massive black screen successfully into your decor :)

For Wall Mounted Screens...

I love the idea of using artwork to hide the screen when not in use. There are many variations on this idea: you can lift a painting, slide to one side, or my favorite is splitting the artwork and sliding to each side for a balanced look. If you choose a more abstract artwork it would look just as good open as it does closed.

Lowe's: I love this simple DIY video from Lowe's, click here for the link.

Or if you look around I'm sure you could find a decorative box with accordion doors that open, similar to this one at Horchow that is sold out. 


Or try incorporating the screen into a gallery wall. I think this one works particularly well because all the frames and matting are black so it relates to the TV. In addition the wall is painted a medium gray and the unit below is also black. Very cohesive.

via Decorating Files blog


Technology continues to improve and projectors are always an option that don't require large entertainment centers to house the screens and equipment. This Mediterranean style living room doesn't need to sacrifice style or space to watch TV - and this screen could easily work anywhere in the room.



For entertainment centers...

Sometimes the entertainment center alone takes up valuable space or doesn't work well with the room you want. You can always try to repurpose furniture to house your TV and look good while doing it.

via Accent on Design blog

If you are looking for lots of storage but don't want the look of a huge entertainment center try incorporating the design into the length of the wall for a more seamless look.

Floor Plan Design Tip

The most important thing to remember when working with a TV is to consider how else you will use the room. Unless it is a dedicated media room you will most likely be hosting friends and family so it's important do create a comfortable seating area.
One tip for creating a comfortable conversation area is to place furniture in a "U" shape or have chairs facing the couch. Whatever you do avoid lining all your furniture along one wall. That makes having a conversation very challenging if you're all sitting in a row!Each of these designs below uses the TV in a different way, and they all have built a successful seating arrangement around the TV. It creates a cozy place for hanging out and watching TV.




I hope pictures give you some ideas on how to make a TV work in your living room! There are lots of possibilities. If you would like help pulling your room together don't hesitate to call!


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