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Oh summer, why do you always go too fast? I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before the weather cools and kids (both old and young) head back to school. I was originally thinking of posting about back to school, but instead I thought it would be more fun to post about design for kids!

Cool Kids

These first few are designs I saw at the ICFF this past spring. I really liked these storage units that create a Dutch city skyline. So adorable and colorful! These are a pretty generous size and can house clothes, books, or toys.

This is Dutch (or Kast van een Huis)

And then this adorable Bunny LED light / toy / decor for a kids room. So adorable and fun, it would make any scary monsters under the bed move out for good. Based off a children's book character created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna.

Miffy (or Nijntje)

And sometimes a rocking horse just needs an upgrade, just like this zany zebra pattern!

Zebra Roc


The ultimate for kid & teenage lounging. They take the deflated and old-school bean bag chair to a new level. These fatboys come in contemporary colors, patterns, and even hold their tailored shape (instead of always being a round-ish blob).

Fatboy Junior (orange & silver)

How fun would a family room be with fatboys all over the floor, similar to this?


They also have simple cylindrical poufs for a reasonable price of $99 (before designer discount!).

fatboy Point

And new this year at the ICFF is the "non-flying carpet"! I think this is great for a playroom or any area that you want padded for kids to play on. These connect to create a larger "carpet" and come in a variety of sizes and patterns.

Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet


Oh the trickery! During the ICFF I stumbled upon their booth and was immediately drawn in by the lush green velvet couch, beautiful table setting, and new textiles. I did a quick spin around before someone asked if I had any questions. Well yes I do - where do you sell these? The woman looked at me and slowly said... 'Well, this is Ikea....'  Nuf said! I almost fell over backward (a mix of embarrassment and shock). Ikea fit very well into this contemporary design fair and their products looked great! See - you would never even know! Not even with a big booth sign that probably said "IKEA" that I didn't see because that green couch was so amazing.

Anyway, Ikea is always a family friendly option where do you don't have to sacrifice budget for style. Go Scandinavian design!

Ikea Stockholm Collection - green velvet couch

Ikea's Creative Director sitting with the new Stockholm collection. Pantone's emerald green made it into the line big time, while also keeping the color grounded with browns and natural wood for an earthy feel. You can watch a video here from Viveca Olsson as she explains the new collection.

Mouth blown glass, bone china, natural wood creates an elegant & simple setting.


This is not your mother's Lladro! They added some really eye catching and colorful designs this year. Quite a departure from their classic lines but this offers a nice variety for collectors. The most eye catching for me were the Dazzle, Naturofantastic, and the collaborative line created by Jaime Hayon.



This collection of chandeliers below is quite fun and colorful! Made completely out of porcelain, even the lampshades (called lithophanes) become transparent when lit and reveals the etched designs on the surface. 

Belle de Nuit

Dazzle - I love this high contrast pattern and design and love it even more when reading about the concept. This collection is inspired by a wartime camouflage technique that would confuse the opposition with visual tricks on the eye, so they could never tell exactly how fast a ship was going or in what direction. They hired artists to create these Dazzle patterns on ships, and now Lladro has applied the same principle to their porcelain designs. Click {here} for more information from Lladro about their collection, and click {HERE!} for a podcast by Roman Mars of 99% Invisible. I listened to it awhile back and he actually explains how the Dazzle was used during the war and shows pictures. So fascinating! Go Lladro on bringing context and history to your designs!

Dazzle Bunny Hugs on left  |  Giddy Up Doggy on right

And lastly is an interesting collaboration created by Jaime Hayon called The Guest. Here he designed a character and collaborated with other artists to add unique patterns and details. I've seen a similar idea done by Kidrobot for vinyl toys. Their collection is called Dunny and there are lots of characters to collect. We'll see how far Lladro takes this collection.

The Guest by Jaime Hayon

Well I hope you enjoyed the round-up of fun new products from ICFF! And I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer fun!


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