Designer Feature for Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month this Februrary I wanted to highlight a few African American Interior Designers that I admire. They have impressive, accomplished careers and are making an impact on the design scene. I am featuring these three women because I have come across their work previously through an article, podcast, or some other form of media that I found inspiring and left an impression. I wish I had gotten this post out sooner for the duration of the month, but it's always a good time acknowledge the inspiring work of hard working designers! So here goes!

Sheila Bridges

I wish I could actually remember the first time I came across Sheila's information, it was quite a few years back, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with her book "Furnishing Forward." I think Sheila is such a design icon, she has a well developed classic style with rich art incorporated into each room.



After taking a lookk through her website I realize I have "pinned" plenty of her published work! Take a look at some of her gorgeous rooms below: 

I love her living room! These soft blues and red are a great combination!

The fun mix of patterns, color and texture in this room give it a refined eclectic look.  (link)

I love finding meaningful ideas that can be applied in other projects - here Sheila took words and quotes from her favorite books and poems to create this wallpaper. Such a great idea and someting that people can incorporate into their own in their homes. (link) 

All of these photos are from Sheila's website, you should click your way there to read more, and see more of her beautiful work including her Harlem Toile!


Tiffany Brooks

I can actually remember that I first heard an interview with Tiffany on the Million Dollar Decorating podcast! (Sidenote: James Swan gives a great interview so I highly recommend tuning into his podcast if you're not already! Plus there are links to all the amazing book recommendations he gets during the interview.)

I loved Tiffany's story from winning an HGTV competition, to having her own show and design business. I LOVE that she self educated to get up to speed in the industry and that her career has evolved oraganically. I also remember her honesty during the interview when she discusses the pains of being the "cobbler's kid" - meaning it can be challenging for designers to actually design their own homes! And honestly - I feel that too! 

Take a look at some of Tiffany's rooms below!

The dark painted molding is gorgeous in here! (source)


Love the pops of orange & warm wood tone against a gray backdrop . 


Love the pinks and purple - the artwork really ties this room together. 
One of the interesting things about interviews and TV shows is that it really helps you feel like you know a person better - and I like how fun and personable Tiffany is on her HGTV show "The Most Embarrassing Rooms in America." Take a look at one of her episodes here:
For more about Tiffany check out her beautiful work on her website

Nicole Gibbons

Another introduction through the the Million Dollar Decorating podcast!* Nicole is the author of fantastic blog "So Haute Style" and has also been featured in many magazines and has a show called "Home Made Simple" on OWN. 
*(Maybe all of you already know about Nicole but I have been living under a rock these past few years since having a baby.  In general it's harder for me to sit and read a blog these days BUT I can always put on a podcast while I'm driving or cooking dinner. So glad for design podcasts!) 


Take a look at some of Nicole's design work below!

Fantastic boys room - love the ceiling and pops of red! (source)

It would be a mistake to leave out this AMAZING sneaker colelction! What a fun display!! Who says boys/men can't have lots of shoes! Love it.  (source)

Apparently I really like Nicole's room designs for men. (source)

Our little JT would love this room too - ROAR!! (source)


What I love about Nicole's design style is that it is "just enough" - channeling the famous Chanel quote "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Her rooms are so refined and classic, there really isn't anything extraneous in the rooms yet they are full of personality! 

See more or Nicole's work on her website here:


I hope you enjoyed this month's designer feature filled with lots of beauty & inspiration! 
Have a great week!

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