Floored At ICFF

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone can take some time to enjoy this last official weekend of summer. I can't believe how fast this summer has gone, I was just starting to get the hang of it.

As the weather starts changing we turn our attention from the beautiful outdoors to our inside environments. One way to make our rooms cozier is by adding an area rug. There are unlimited colors and patterns to suit just about any interior. One of my favorite things about them is you can change them according the the seasons... a sisal or flatweave during the summer then a plush wool carpet in the cooler weather. Such a small thing that makes a huge impact!It's visual, it's tactile, it's a great element of the room design.

I saw lots of beautiful carpets and rug designs at the ICFF this year. I really like the creative use of materials, silky accents, sculptural hand carved piles, and original patterns. Here are a few of my favorites, what do you think?

Designer Rugs

Based in Australia Designer Rugs creates various collaborations with designers and artists that have hand tufted piles that are carved for some luxurious volume.

Greg Natale - New Regency

Pavement Empire

Their collaborations with artists translate their art style into carpeting with unique patterns and design, like this one from Minnie Pwerle below.

Minnie Pwerle - Camp Sites

M&M Design

M&M Design International presented a colorful collaboration with artist Rai Alexandra. Her abstract expressionist style uses hand torn collage and assemblage. Looks like fun!

From M&M website



For more information about Rai's work you can visit her website here and watch a time lapsed video of her process here.

Liza Philips, Emma Gardner, J&S Designer Flooring

Liza Phillips created a beautiful rug with soy silk, which I showed here in this post.

She is a proud member of Goodweave, an organization that works to end child labor in carpet industry and offers educational opportunities. You can search their website for certified dealers near you and I was thrilled to know that one of my new favorite stores where I attended an ASID event, J&SDesigner Flooring, carries a line of Good weave certified rugs by Emma Gardner Designs.

Emma Gardner Designs - Stream

Tania Johnson Design

Another certified GoodWeave member Tania introduced her Glass line at ICFF this year. Her process starts with an inspiration photo and she translates the design from there.

Detail from Glass collection - Rain Lines

Water Collection - Rainstorm


A Swedish based company brings their Scandinavian design sense and smart use of materials to offer beautifully classic designs with simple weaving patterns, and also offer custom designs.

Doris Collection

Tweed Collection


Now Carpets

Located in Spain this company provides contemporary color and pattern options for their carpets. They are also part of Rugmark, a similar foundation as GoodWeave that guarantees that there was no illegal child labor involved in manufacturing their rugs.

LEFT  |  Urban (adorable with toy cars!)  RIGHT  |  Mire

What do you think of these new designs? I know I'd like some in my house ;) I'll write another post with more design tips about using area rugs. If you'd like help picking out carpet for your home I offer a Color & Accessories consultation, you can choose either designer carpeting or home depot's. Same design rules apply to both!

Whether you're relaxing or shopping the sales I hope you have a great weekend!


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