Getting Homes Resale-Ready

I haven't talked much about this part of my business on here yet, but this week the IRN has been doing a national launch to spread awareness about our Resale-ReadyTM service and so I wanted to share it with you. I use the same design principals as my One Day Room Refinements to help correct the most common decorating mistakes people make in their home. This results in a quick and affordable transformation that appeals to a wide selection of potential home buyers. Also like our One Day Room Refinements this is a flat fee based on the size of the home. 

Here are just some of the benefits of Resale-ReadyTM


1- Affordable Solutions: We find in most cases that instead of spending money on rentals & inventory we are able maximize what homeowners already have to stage their homes beautifully.

2- Flat Fee: Resale-ReadyTM is a flat fee based on the size of the home, no matter how long it takes. 

3- Saves Money: Once a home has been listed, an average price reduction is at least $1,000. So why take the chance? Resale-ReadyTM costs less than an average price reduction.  

4- Quick: Transformation of a home or condo can happen in just a few hours. Small tweaks of furniture placement and accessories makes a huge difference. And you can list quicker since you won't have to wait for inventory to arrive.

5- Create A Vision: Many potential home buyers are looking for move in ready. If they don't see a room's potential they aren't going to be excited, and that could mean a missed sale. Or even walking away if problems arise during a closing because they weren't emotionally invested. That's why it's important to create a vision and define the function of each room, especially for key rooms such as living room, family room, dining room, and master bedroom)

Are you excited about this space?

How about now? It's got potential right? (images courtesy of redesign4more)

6- First Impressions: Most first impressions are made online, so it's important to take notice of all the little details before posting your pictures. Staged photos show better since they are true to life and there is less "shock value" when a potential home buyer sees the home in person. 

7- Highlight Key Features: When buyers are looking at a home, they are buying the actual structure so it's important to highlight the features that make it unique such as: natural light, a good view, floorplan with good flow, and architectural features like fireplaces and vaulted ceilings.

8- Written Design Plan: The process of selling can feel overwhelming, so we streamline the process by providing a detailed plan that covers everything we discuss plus quick tips to implement before a showing or open house. 

9- Competitive Edge: As a home seller, having a professional designer stage your home gives you an advantage over other similar priced homes in your area. And if you're a Realtor having a designer as part of your team gives you an advantage of your competition. 

10- Plan Ahead: Smart homeowners who are looking to sell in a few years might want to get a jump start on the process and start making some upgrades. Why not enjoy now and sell later with a long term design plan that we can provide. 

Is this room big enough for a full seating area? A potential buyer may not be sure.

How about now? Buyers can see the potential (image courtesy IRN)

So if you are getting ready to sell, or know someone who is please give me a call! Don't take a chance on listing something that's less than its full potential. 


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