Handmade Hardware : ICFF

The hardware is often used as the jewelry of the room, as I talked about in this post. These designs are very industrial and sculptural at once. Combining the hard metal with custom shapes and hand carved details and you get something very personal indeed!

I have included links to each of the products below but for some reason they aren't showing up in their normal green and are gray instead. So if you'd like to know more info just hover your mouse over the italicized words below each picture and you'll find the links there.

Olson Kundig Architects

Another integrated design: Peek sliding door pull

Phillip Watts Design

This company from across the pond designs and manufactures custom hardware and various commission works. For their full portfolio you can take a look through their website here:http://www.philipwattsdesign.com/  Here are a few of my favorites, starting with these porthole designs. 

The thing I found most interesting about these designs is they are DDA Compliant - which are requirements set in the UK for the Disability Discrimination Act. Imagine being in a wheelchair and not knowing what's behind the door before you open it? Maybe it's another person, or maybe it's a flight of stairs. Some doors have a window on the top but these portholes allow easy and stylish views for everyone of all different ability levels. Some of their design also offer a perimeter handle that allow for easy opening anywhere. 

Sculptural Handrails & Handles
While the skull handle is a bit more bad-ass than my personal style I still think it's really cool and I know some people who would like this! I think the branch design would be really cool with two on a split entry door.


Stair Nosing

Have you ever seen this before? For exposed wooden stairs these inlaid metal stair nosings provides a subtle design element and adds contrast and edge delineation.

Spoon Sink
While this isn't exactly hardware I really wanted to show this sink! They also make a matching urinal - which you can actually see to the side of this picture. These would be fun to use in a commercial space.

Turnstyle Designs

The first thing I liked about their product line is the wide selection of leather handles. I had looked for something like these for a project in the past and they are hard to come by!
And look at the detail on this woven leather barrel handle.
I was so happy when I found these beautiful videos of their production. Wow - talk about a labor of love! Here is a short video showing how they make the cabinet pull.

And if you liked that video here is another showing the full process including metal parts and hand stitched leather. As a product designer I can't get enough information about how products are made! Always fascinating and not many people can see production in action so I recommend this video!

And then I'd like to wrap up this post with this beauty.
Shagreen has such an organic pattern to it. I like how they've taken that pattern and transferred it as a texture to a normally hard looking metal. So beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did! It's always fun to have a sneak peek into the process! Speaking of sneak peeks, I am overdue for a decorating post and have a topic I will post about later this week: hosting last minute guests and how to avoid them sneaking a peek at your daily mess... and an amazing curry recipe!

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