Happy Memorial Day!

Happy holiday weekend! Firstly, today is an important day of reflection and remembrance for members of our armed forces no longer with us. I feel extreme gratitude for their service to our country and I hope everyone can take some time to celebrate them this weekend. 

Memorial Day weekend also signifies the official kickoff of BBQ season and enjoying more time outdoors. If you are looking to spruce up your outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing we have a few tips to keep in mind when shopping the sales this weekend.

1- Create a Comfortable Conversation area

Just like arranging furniture indoors you want to create a seating area that's conducive to conversation and therefore entertaining. Try a seating area with several seats facing each other, or a "U" shape seating area with a table in the middle to put food and drinks.


If you have a small balcony or front porch try adding 2 chairs tilted at an angle towards each other with a table in-between for drinks.

(design sponge)


2- Define The Seating Area

Rugs work like magic to carve out a designated seating area. There are many places you can get outdoor rugs for your deck or patio. This is also a great opportunity to try some fun colors you don't want to commit to inside your home!

(grandin road)

(Crate & Barrell)

3- Emphasize the Focal Point - Or Add One!

Some people might want to take advantage of a great view or gardens they have and arrange the seating area to enjoy it. If you don't have a natural focal point then try adding one like a fountain, fire pit, or pergola/ gazebo.

(Home Decorators Collection)

(Ballard Design)


4- Create atmosphere with layers of lighting

Nothing beats staying outdoors in the balmy summer with the flicker of a candles or the twinkling of lights - not to mention the stars! Try hanging lanterns or a string of lights from umbrellas, trellis, canopies etc to add some fun summer lighting.

(Pottery Barn)


5- Add some smart storage

Whether you need a place to store cushions or a bar for serving drinks there are plenty of options for weatherproof storage options.

(Pottery Barn)

(Pottery Barn)

6- Accessorize!

Accessories are an easy way to personalize a space and have some fun. Try mixing and matching different patterned pillows, hang some weatherproof artwork, weatherproof curtains, a swing! And don't forget plants! The possibilities are endless.

(Ballard Designs)

(Crate & Barrel)

Hope this post helps inspire you to create your own entertaining destination. Happy shopping - there are certainly sales to be found this weekend!


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