How to Give Winter "The Boot"!

It's that time of year when winter just needs to leave, especially today when it is a sleeting/ rainy mess! March is only two days away and daylight savings is a week and a half... so we're slowly getting there. If you're feeling the urge to give winter the boot sooner than later here are a few ideas to begin your seasonal transition.

1. Accent with Floral Pillows

Put away those winter colors! If you have snowmen blankets or other winter decorations it's time to put them away. Add a few floral throw pillows for an easy pop of spring. We found these at Homegoods and they work really well to transition since there are lots of bright spring colors but they are deep and not pastel.

2- Add some Greenery

Flowers are great anytime of the year, but if you are looking for a jolt of spring green with less maintenance try some wheatgrass. It's easy to grow (or buy) and looks great in any container. Try a basket or wood container for rustic decor,  or stone, ceramic, or metal for a contemporary look. 

Wheatgrass can be useful beyond this transitional season too. You can cut some and make smoothies, and look at this cute idea for hiding things such as Easter eggs. 


3. Use Scent

Scent is a subtle way to invoke different moods and can be used to freshen your space. Scent means something different for everyone, so we suggest trying a spring floral scent, crisp linen, or citrus. Most fruits are best saved for summer but citrus is a year round scent that is mindful of getting a healthy dose of vitamin C!

We received a sample of this Pink Mimosa scent (sample from Birchbox!) and love the upbeat scent with hint of citrus. You can order some samples and full size candles here. 

Hopefully this post has helped you kick some of the winter blues from your home. What things do you do to get a jumpstart on your spring season? 
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