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You would think that with the fair being named "International Contemporary Furniture Fair" I would have been posting contemporary furniture this entire time, instead of design for kids, bath fixtures (here and here), lighting (here and here), outdoor furniture, flooring, hardware, and materials. But the vast amount of design worthy of sharing is massive. I hope you've enjoyed seeing what's new so far and can find some inspiration for your future product selections. In this post I will highlight a few of my favorite furniture pieces from the show.


The metal furniture from LA based design studio has been making headlines in design magazines - it fits well into the current geometric trend and offers a nice colorful alternative to the iconic Bertoia side chair.

The Lucy Chair

Coffee Table

Long horn trophy head

New Colony Furniture

I was so excited to find these at the fair not only because I think they look great, but I love the concept! I had a similar idea in college where I made a stool out of wooden dowels attached to a rubber sheet, but I will say Annie Evelyn's execution is so much much better. I'll have to find an old picture of mine to share. Looking back at college projects can be a bit like looking at pictures of yourself with bangs, braces, and humongous coke-bottle glasses during the 80's. It's a tough phase and you eventually get through it, meanwhile the potential (idea in this case) is there all along. ha!

Anyway, she has expanded the idea past "squishy sticks" as she calls it and has also used wood, cement, and even Swarovski crystals in interesting ways.

Squishy Sticks

LEFT  | Scotty
RIGHT |  Reclaimed & Cracked

Swarovski crystal Chair

Skram Furniture Company

Located in North Carolina their focus is on sustainable manufacturing and long lasting quality pieces that can be handed down through generations. Their execution of material intersections is beautiful, and how they translate the legs from furniture to floor is unique. There are curves in unexpected ways which adds a lot of interest to their products.

Piedmont Conference / Dining Table

Wishbone Console

Lineground round mirror / entry shelf

Volk Furniture

These pieces by Volk are a showcase of quality craftsmanship, joinery, and attention to detail. Their interesting combination of wood with vintage knobs, inlaid metal and typewriter keys adds a unique folk art style to each piece. In addition the furniture has classic lines but plays with the typically expected proportions, like this miniature chest below.

Seven drawer miniature chest

Cerused Oak three drawer side table

Abigail's stool


Well I hope that was a bit of contemporary eye candy for you! I still have stacks more brochures and websites to flip through but that was the first furniture round up for now. As I've mentioned above there are so many beautiful designs to share! Until next time...


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