Phew it really feels like summer here in the northeast...  it's been kind of refreshing to look at all these water related designs! Here are some more beautiful fixtures and hardware design from the ICFF, as a follow up from my previous post.

Blu Bathworks

Now I remember some of the photos I lost during my computer transition.... I took photos of their booth during ICFF because I liked how they showcased their sinks with engravings and colors. These screen shots from their brochure and website will have to substitute!

Blu Bathworks ICFF booth 2013

Blu-stone bathtub with engraving along the sides.

Colorful lime green tub made from proprietary blu-stone


Handcrafted sinks from Shaws of Darwen in partner with Rohl.

Rohl offers a line of water filtration options (for information on how it works click here), this one shown in an inca brass finish.


Headquartered in Milwaukee with locations throughout the world, they provide modern bath fixtures for the industry. I found it impressive that during manufacturing they created a zero discharge system and they recycle 100% of their brass and paper products so just about everything they create is either recycled or recovered. Bravo Graff!

Here is my favorite of their from the show - their new Ametis line. This is definitely a stand out design and I love the LED light around the toggle... so technical looking and not your typical bath fixture. I had a hard time finding more information (and pictures!) but I hope the LED changes with the water temperature. I photographed their catalog so apologies for not having the most clarity!

Ametis Vessel Faucet

My second favorite of theirs is their Luna line. I love the elongated shape that goes so far up the wall! Very unrelated to a typical faucet aesthetic, so slender and sleek.

And this chunky fixture called Structure, which looks like a twisting rubik cube game of sorts... I like it!

And this last one, part of a line called Bali they offer a nice olive bronze finish for a traditonal fixture, great option if you are changing out chrome and nickel for a warmer look.

THG Paris

While I wasn't immediately drawn to the faucets from this collection I did love their knobs and handles!!

Marquise Gold Knob in porcelain

Passion Platinum Decor

Mossi Clear Crystal

Pure luxury! Frivole

This set just screams adorable little powder room with it's feminine little bows, Poemes line.

Watermark Designs

Manufactured in Brooklyn NY these designs use a rare earth magnet to attach the handles- no mechanical screws needed!

Zen line

A picture from their facebook page showing how it works.

Brooklyn 31 - Incorporated Architecture & Design Collaboration

Sense 27 - Clodagh collaboration


Brizo accessories such as this matching bud vase

They have lots of interesting technology including SmartTouch Technology and TempIQ - for more information click here.

I like this kitchen design with turquoise cabinets and copper sink by Debra Maley for decorator's show house.

Fixture collection from Jason Wu.

Infinity Drain

We spend so much time thinking about the fixtures and where the water comes out since that is mostly what we interact with, but what about where the water goes? Have you given thought to options other than the standard circular drain? Like some of these - making the drain integrated and visually disappear.

Infinity drain tile

Linear drain outdoors


Ok ok, every time I think I'll be done showing "the best" from the show, I find another I have to share!! These might as well be my favorite too, so here are some new vanity concepts from Bouroullec duo.

Vanity design with multiple layers that are totally customizable.

Surface mounted faucet - where the water actually flows from the shelf.

Ok that's it!! I promised. I hope you enjoyed gazing at some beautiful new products that were at the show this year. It's always a lot to take in at once (and this is only bath fixtures!) but I enjoyed putting this post together to organize all the good finds!


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