If These Walls Could Talk.

Happy Valentines Day guys.
On today's post I want to know all about your relationship with....
Your Home!

What does home mean to you? What do you love about it? And does it love you back?

(found @ Etsy)

How about that saccharine sweet poster, huh? (it's true for me) My other absolute FAVORITE thing about our home is the amount of sunlight that pours in all day {oh sigh} It truly makes being there enjoyable. I also love the woods, stream, and the general amount of privacy around us. It's all very serene! I took this photo real quick before I left this morning. 

The floors though... they don't love us back. They are old and in desperate need of refinishing! They've given all the love they had. But do not worry house, we'll give you proper love again some day. 

So tell me - what do you love about your home? If you aren't feeling any love than give me a call and we'll help you find the love again <3

Happy Valentines' Day!