Jumbo Yard Games and Pizza on the Grill

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

I hope you are all able to carve out some time to enjoy the holiday! If you are staying home or entertaining this weekend here are some fun yard games to play - the bigger the better!

Jumbo Jenga(source)

This is my favorite idea so far. and I first heard about this from someone I used to work with (Mike R, if you ever stumble upon this I am giving you 100% credit right here!) At first it might sound dangerous to have large chunks of wood tumbling down all over making loud noises... But isn't that part of the fun? :)


Apparently it even makes a good wedding game! I saw several wedding reception photos including Jumbo Jenga. No danger here!

Easy to make - DIY instructions here. If you don't have access to a saw I bet Home Depot could cut the wood for you, or you can buy it here.


Giant Shishkaball


I haven't played the small version much but this large scale looks fun! Directions to make are found here.



You know where this is going... I wish I could find my college pictures but at the moment this picture will have to do! It seems easy to make, if you want instructions I could always ask my cousins Kelly and Rob for you :)

Drink Assistance

Need a place to put your drink or food while playing? Try staking these drink caddies and food trays into your yard.


(Pintable from UncommonGoods.com)

(Class it up with this bamboo wine table)


There are plenty of other classic yard games: bocce ball, ladder ball, horshoes, croquet... the list goes on! Anything that gets people up and moving, and a little competition is fun.


These look awesome! Glow in the dark bocce balls - you can get them here.

Pizza on the Grill


I am in love with pizza on the grill. It's so easy and fun - and the topping options are endless. Design Sponge posted an article with two different recipes to try. You can find the recipes here. I am always looking for a good and easy dough recipe so will have to give this one a try.


I will admit I have always been too chicken to put the dough directly onto the grill and always put mine on an open mesh sheet. Seeing this picture inspires me to push the limit!



Happy Holiday everyone! Let the games begin!


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