Meet My New Assistant!!

I knew this day was coming for awhile, I was getting the usual warning signs of an ending working relationship. You know the usuals such as unwilling to complete the requested work, lagging response time, very needy and inflexible, and generally uncooperative. We worked together for over 7 years and while they were a very valuable resource they just quit working one day. Seven years is a really long time so I shouldn't complain, but the hardest part of it all was trying to get a new assistant quickly. Good help is hard to find!! 

I made a list of requirements I desired in my new assistant such as: the ability and willingness to travel, good memory, fast, efficient, social, well connected, and the ability to crank out 3D CAD models as well as floor-plans. I wanted all this for a competitive price of course. And so the hunt began - all the while trying to do all the work myself! I spent a frustrating few weeks not finding the right match. Finally I narrowed down a few contenders but they couldn't meet the last important criteria: I needed instant availability!! After weeks of researching and reviewing candidates I couldn't wait any longer and needed to make a decision! I had to compromise a bit on the price but I will say I am extremely satisfied with my choice and so today I would like to introduce to you my partner in crime and extension of my business-self...

...the Sony Vaio.

My Sony is amazing! With a touch screen to help navigate the quirky Windows 8 I feel able to multi-task and find my way around the system. The apps (or basically desktop shortcuts) to social media are easy to use and with the integrated camera it makes it easy to stay connected!! And along the lines of connectivity there is every type of port needed so I can plug in my extra monitor, printer or SD card with ease! It still has a CD/DVD drive which makes installing software a cinch so now I can continue to crank out my design work. It was a challenging few weeks but now we are working together and making a great team. 

So that's what I've been up to lately! It's been a crazy few weeks and I'm sad to say the computer malfunction made me break New Years Resolution 6. I was doing good too! Oh well, to make up for lost time I will finish my posts about the ICFF and hopefully share some projects I've been working on! Thanks for reading and I hope you check back for more updates!


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