Oh Summer, Where Have You Gone??

I probably say this every year, but summer has gone by way too fast! I wish you a happy long weekend to soak up this last bit of summer! Here are some ways to indulge...

Swing in a hammock with drinks readily nearby (via Pinterest)

Enjoy a seat by the fire (via Pinterest)

Great tip I found on Pinterest: keep mosquitos away by making bundles of sage and toss into the fire!



And check out this adorable little balcony grill! (via Pinterest) 

Another tip to try from Pinterest: To create a non stick grill cut an onion in half and rub on the grate!

And I would be remiss if I didn't share some delicious Pinterest recipes for dessert on the grill! (Your choice if you rub with an onion first ;) 

See you on the other side of September! Happy long weekend everyone!


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