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I've been reading a lot about color lately and was excited to see the most recent catalog from The Home Decorators Collection featuring four new lines of rugs that are part of Pantone Universe! There is Pantone focus, Pantone expressions, Pantone prismatic, and Pantone matrix.

This first picture from their catalog that shows a simple shag in the Pantone 2013 color of the year, of course: Emerald.  One of the other colors available is Tangerine Tango which was 2012's color of the year. These are basic color block options for a dose of saturated color in any room.

This catalog page shows their more subtle color combinations which all have a soft feathered edge to the patterns. I really like the one they picked to photograph above, called New Antique. You'll also see they've selected a few Pantone chips on each page so you can "perfectly match your wall color, laminates, furniture, accessories and more with our rugs."


I also liked these tone on tone geometeric wool flatweaves shown above. 
Horizon Blue: Pantone 19-4057 TPX and Pink Flambe 19-3138 TPX


And both of these rugs above have a very artistic feel to them, the layers of color reminds me of Rai Alexandra's line that I showed here.

Flambe Area Rug (left)  |  Peppercorn Area Rug  (right)

If you'd like to get your hands (and feet) on one of these rugs you can order online from their website. If you haven't heard of The Home Decorators Collection before they are a Home Depot company that offers lots of home accessories including product lines from Martha Stewart and now Pantone. And while they do have designated store locations they also carry some of the same products in local Home Depot stores. The catalog I just got in the mail is offering 20% off all their already affordable rugs so if you are in the market now's a good time to look!

And Then...

Ok, so maybe you like these rugs and want other things in your room to match. Next head over to Lowe's where you can buy Pantone paint. You can pick from 100 selected Pantone colors in their Valspar paint.

Pantone fandeck exlusively at Lowe's

Here is a perfectly rendered picture of what their sample paint cans will look like.
And you can click here to see a funny little video about the product.

And Then...

Ok, now for accessories or furniture. Well sadly that's where the retail product line pretty much comes to a halt. (Although you could always try paining some furniture to match.) They have a small number of products at JcPenny and I'm not sure for how much longer since they are already on clearance or unavailable. You can click here to see what's left (online anyway).

Emerald green, again

Blue Aster comforter set

Purple Magic ombre pillow


In Summary...

Pantone is undoubtedly a respected authority on color in the design world. They standardized the color matching system for production and manufacture which results in consistent products and print materials, and is also essential for uniform brand messages and identity across multiple platforms. I can see how using a Pantone specific paint color on a company's reception wall or retail store that matches the brand or logo would be fun. And I know how fun picking and matching product colors for production can be, since Pantone removes a lot of the guesswork and makes communication with factories easier.

But for consumers at retail they are not quite there yet. I think more accessories would make it easier for consumers to really put a room together (without it being all Emerald green), think lamps similar to lamps plus color line, throw blankets, artwork, vases, more pillow options, accent tables, etc. Pantone numbers without more product and a lack of matching system for coordinating becomes just a number without context. It seems like they are slowly working towards that goal though and I'll be keeping my eyes open for the next announcement!

Until then... I hope you enjoyed the Pantone product line preview and maybe even like some of it for your home. If you just want a small dose of color to start your day, or are looking for a fun gift idea, you could always start with a Pantone color mug for $25 :)

Emerald Pantone mug 



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