Quick & Easy Ideas for Paper Decorations!

Where oh where does the time go!?! Christmas is almost here and I hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy some time off for some R&R. As I was catching up on some reading the other day I saw HGTV's exclusive tour of the White House. Everyone always does such a lovely job decorating but I think the East Room mantle stole the show this year! Check out this huge paper flower!


It's just gorgeous, and I love the muted colors they used: antique golds, silver blues, and a deep burgundy. And the XL scale of the flowers and ribbon is both playful and dramatic. 

NY Daily News

They incorporated some of the same flowers into the tree as well.


NY Daily News

It's no wonder that I am drawn to this tree since there are over 120 handmade ornaments from volunteers. With a holiday theme of "Gather Around" this room celebrates the act of sharing stories through art. 

Then I continued reading and saw Better Home & Garden's DIY paper garlands and wanted to share. Paper was making a bit hit for the holidays this year and I can understand why, it's affordable, versatile, accessible, and easy to use! So if you are looking for a bit of last minute inspiration or have some time this (rainy) weekend then here are a few ideas! 

Paper & Vellum leaf garland

 Cupcake Liner Garland - so easy, just need a stapler and cupcake liners! 

 Flower garland (this is shown with felt but the idea would translate to paper easily!)


link to full pdf

Simple garland made from papere straws, beads, and string. 

I hope you enjoyed some of these paper themed decorations. Have a great weekend everyone!


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