Quick Tips: Organizing the Kitchen

The kitchen always seems to be a vortex of circulating activity where things get thrown in all directions and are easily misplaced. And that can be especially frustrating in a small kitchen space! The more organization you can add to a kitchen the cleaner it will stay and the easier it will be to use it. While there are many beautiful custom cabinets with storage galore, here are a few tips that focus on small kitchens and ways to add organization without a renovation.

Save Counter Space

Try to keep your counters as clean and sparse as possible. Not only will your space be more organized if everything has it's own place, but it will also look bigger too!

Instead of spices on your counter try keeping them in a drawer or even on a high shelf with a pull down spice rack.
(pull down spice rack  / in-drawer spice rack)


Try this versatile drying rack from Umbra. It can be used over a sink for drying or placed on the counter. We can vouch for this hard working product. (source / source / and of course source)


Maximize Storage

Sometimes valuable cabinet real-estate is wasted because it's hard to reach or things get stacked onto top of each other making it hard to get them out. Try some of these solutions to maximize your cabinet space.

These baskets with handles are great for storing small items in hard to reach cabinets. Try a row of these on your top shelf to storae any loose items with easy access. We can vouch for these too! (source)

There are many options for baskets and drawers that you can add for easy access to the back of your cabinets. (source)Lids can make a quick mess of a cabinet or drawer. Try this idea for a sliding divider that keeps them neatly organized. (source)

If you are lucky to have a pantry you can add even more function with an over-the-door style rack. (source)

If you don't have a full pantry but you do have a blank wall you can add your own pantry between the studs of the wall and add a barn style door  to keep the pathways free of swinging doors. (source)

If you do have open storage try using matching containers for an organized cohesive look. (source)


I hope some of these organizing ideas might help you with any kitchen storage quandaries! If you would like help maximizing your kitchen space give us a call. Have a great weekend!

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