Super Bowl Rooms for Rent

So the Super Bowl is almost here and the preparations are well underway! Ever since the announcement that the game would be played at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford NJ there has been much talk about the weather and if we'll have snow. I just checked the temperature and it's currently 1* Fahrenheit at my house, and Sunday looks like we might have a heat spell into the 40's! 


We've gotten a lot of snow here lately and they've been hard at work clearing the stadium and getting ready. Snow is nothing new around here and I can attest to how well the airports have run during the storms this year. I always love to see behind the scene shots like these below from

Another interesting conversation I have been following is people renting out their homes, condos, or apartments for the game! I used to live in Rutherford NJ and work in Teterboro where I would see the stadium on my way in and out of town everyday. You can actually see the stadium when you are in the town, it is so close! I would have totally wanted to rent out my place for the game too, but since I don't live there anymore I checked out the other homes available. I found lots of options on flipkey and super-bowl-rentalz. 

Here is my favorite that is still available :) Now to be fair there was a designer involved so it's really quite lovely, but to see other people's actual homes click around and take a look! 

This is the front entry for a guest room for rent is in Edgewater NJ. They call it the Harlem Hideaway. Although the name is a bit misleading in terms of location the interior is very well done! 

Nice wood details everywhere add a warmth & depth to the space. 

I love the details of this room, especially that Guest List wall you can write on. Very cute idea for a rental!

A bit of industrial edge with the reading lamps and slatted headboard.

Detail of the wall.

Cute little reading chairs. 

Next to the fireplace is an armoire turned into mini kitchen / bar! I've seen this idea before and love its use here. 

Bathroom is done very well, classic and simple white subway tiles and a touch of the industrial light fixtures and vintage looking artwork. 

Access to a patio if interested. Very simple and well done, although I bet it doesn't look quite the same with all the snow on it. 

There are other rooms availabe within this same building so you should take a look, they've done a good job! Also options in jersey city, weehawken, newark, union city, and of course Rutherford. Here are some others that have made headlines: a mansion in Montclair and the Jonas Brother house in Denville

I hope you enjoyed looking through some of these photos as much as I have! Have a happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone :) 


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