Green with Envy

Happy St. Patrick's Day all! Sorry it's been awhile since my last post - every week zooms by and I realize I haven't yet written a blog post! It's amazing how time flies now with a little one... 

As I was drafting my monthly email newsletter I searched for a green room to share for some St. Patrick's Day love. It was hard to decide which one though - some were soft and subtle, others were vibrant and geometric, and others still were neutral with just a few pops of green. Since it was so hard to pick just one here I will share all the "green rooms" that grabbed my interest!























If you had to pick just one, which would be your favorite? 


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Color & Accessories: Mono-Color Rooms

In the recent issue of Elle Decor there were a few rooms done in jewel toned monochromatic colors. Then I saw a magazine ad for Nate Berkus' new product line staged in a monochromatic photo and was inspired to research more "mono-colored" rooms. You might think that using one color (monotone) or several similar shades close to each other (monochromatic) would create a dull lifeless room. But these pictures show you can create a gorgeous room with lots of character by smartly layering colors. 

In all these photos below, the rooms read as one main color. But if you look closer you can see the different elements that were combined to create each cohesive look.


Purple Dining Room

Solid colors with minimal pattern in chair upholstery that ties together the red/purple curtains and blue/purple walls | White ceiling, trim & chair frames brighten the room | Black and gold accents finish the room. 

Glamorous Monochromatic Dining Room by Alex Papachristidis via Elle Decor