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ICFF Sub-trend: Convertible Furniture

Here is my second ICFF recap from this year. The first was a round up of some of my favorites, now I'd like to share a few items that have a common design thread of space saving, convertible furniture. 

1- Convertible Pool Tables

First on my list is a pool table that converts into an elegant dining table by simply adding a cover. Perfectly stylish way for eating a meal, then simply slide off and play! This one by Belgium company Fusion Tables is streamlined and contemporary, and I just love their use of new color instead of the same old green felt. 

(Fusion Tables)

Vision Billiards, formerly Balic Billiards and part of Bilijardai products, offers handmade and premium billiard tables. They too offer a line of contemporary convertable tables which they brought to the show, but they also offer some of the most unique custom table designs I've seen! Check out their website for some examples. 

(Vision Billiards at the show) 


2- Umbra Folding Chairs

I love the flexibility (foldability?) of these chairs - and what a great way to get them out of the way when not using them? So simple and fun. Not available through their website yet but check back soon I'm sure!


3- Riveli Shelving

I remember seeing these at the show last year and like how many options they've come out with since. What really clicked with me this year was that the back side was a magnetic blackboard, which would make these shelves perfect for a kitchen or foyer.

The whiteboard is a good idea too.

And I especially love the graphic print options when closed, these make for a great retail option, like the photo above. For more information check out their website 

4- Sliding horizontal columns

And lastly these interested sliding horizontal columns that can again serve as a graphic background, but can then be pulled out several feet and turned into a light fixture (shown above) or a seat or climbing wall (shown below). 

I remember this booth was from one of the student section, but unfortunately can't remember which one! I will update the information when I find it, but in the meantime if anyone knows who's this is please leave a comment below! 

And that's a wrap! What do you think of some of these design concepts? Would love to know in your comments below. 


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Oktoberfest and a nod to German Design

Technically speaking... Oktoberfest in Germany is a 16-18 day festival that begins late September and continues into the first weekend of October. It's (one of?) the worlds largest festivals and the roundup from this years event says 6.4 million visitors attended and consumed 114 oxen, 58 calves and 6.7 million liters of beer. The music was a tough competition in the beer tents but the most popular was "Applaus, Applaus" by Sportfreude Stiller and "Rock mi" by Voxxclub. Among the lost and found waiting to be picked up are 1056 passports, 520 wallets, 320 mobile phones, a Segway, and "the unavoidable, annual artificial set of false teeth." Sounds like a blast! (research from the official website here.)

Beer tent gallery

Bavarian costume parade

Here in America we extend the Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the entire month of October and enjoy beer festivals and beer gardens. There is a fantastic German restaurant down the street from us and I am still hoping we can get down there in time for some celebrations! Here is a list I found of OktoberfestNYC events and highlights in other cities.

So in theme with Oktoberfest and celebrating all things German I'd like to give a nod to some of my favorite German designs and designers.

Susanne Kaiser


Dünenpalais Seebad Ahlbeck,, No.15


The COOLEST hotel check in counter ever - a tufted room key organizer!!