Jumbo Yard Games and Pizza on the Grill

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

I hope you are all able to carve out some time to enjoy the holiday! If you are staying home or entertaining this weekend here are some fun yard games to play - the bigger the better!

Jumbo Jenga(source)

This is my favorite idea so far. and I first heard about this from someone I used to work with (Mike R, if you ever stumble upon this I am giving you 100% credit right here!) At first it might sound dangerous to have large chunks of wood tumbling down all over making loud noises... But isn't that part of the fun? :)


Apparently it even makes a good wedding game! I saw several wedding reception photos including Jumbo Jenga. No danger here!

Super Bowl Weekend!

Well I didn't think it was right to let the Super Bowl pass without posting some amazing (dream) spaces to watch the game, and a deliciously easy recipe to try! This morning I was watching the Today show and they were battling about who makes the best crab: Maryland (blue crab, duh!) or San Fran dungeness, who knew?! You can read about their bet {here}.

Are you looking forward to the food, game, or commercials?
Here's to the weekend - and may the best team win :)