Design Tips: Balance

Namaste! I wish I could say this was me and my beach bod practicing yoga poses in the sand. But alas I am still writing this from freezing cold NJ.

I am showing this picture as an example of balance, and would like to relate this to balance in decorating. The reason why balance is so important is that it creates a sense of calm and stability which makes a space more inviting. Overall balance is achieved with multiple layers including scale, materials, color, and visual weight. Without balance the room may just seems a bit "off". 

The easiest way to achieve balance in any room is by adding layers of matching pairs. Each matching pair would automatically address the scale, material, color and visual weight relative to each other. By layering several different pairs (such as pillows, lamps, chairs, and side tables), the room will become more interesting. Pairs not only add balance but also reinforce a strong focal point of a room.  Below are a few examples of rooms using matching pairs, click on the link to read more: