Tips for Mounting TV's

There are many resons to mount your TV, including safety as a major concern. There is also a growing trend towards smaller homes that have an open floor plan with a multi-purpose "great room". By mounting the TV in these rooms you can achieve greater visability in a smaller footprint. 

With all the adances in TV technology and the growing number of mounting solutions is there is no reason to have a poor floor plan! (see previous post: necessary evils). Gone are the days of lining all the furniture along one wall so "everyone can see." Flat screens alone allow for a wide viewing angle, and with the addition of Sanus products your mounting options are endless. 

Let's take a look at some of their solutions that might work for your home. 

Full Motion

You can't beat the flexibility of this wall mount. You can literally mount a TV in the corner, you can pivot, angle, and pull out from the wall. This ensures everyone can have the perfect view, and you can adjust to reduce glare as needed.

Sanus VLF525



Design Tip:

I like this sketch above because it clearly shows the corner mount which is awesome.  One thing I don't like about it though is the fireplace is right next to the TV, which creates a focal point competition. In this case mounting above the fireplace would be a better design decision to reinforce one focal point. Or move the TV to another wall away from the fireplace.

Another beneift of a wall mount is the flexible furniture options, if you choose to have any at all! In this case they chose to drop the cords behind the wall and add artwork for a gallery wall effect. 



Sometimes all you need for a perfect view is a little tilt. Some examples would be a wall mount in the bedroom, over a fireplace, or to angle for little kids to see. 

Sanus WMPL50A

Sanus Simplicity SXDP6

Furniture Mount

While mounting a TV on the wall provides lots of furniture options, sometimes the best solution is a standard media console. In that case Sanus offers a variety of consoles with a mount option in the back.


Sanus BRAV48 

Sanus JFBD1  

Although this backdrop style piece above has been discontinued from Sanus, there are similar ones available at IKEA.  What I like about these is the dark background frames out the TV and helps it blend into the unit so it doesn't appear to be floating.


As I mentioned above, safety is a big reason why you should consider mounting your tv, especially if you have little kids around. You can read more about the statistics of topples here: sanus safety. Perhaps you already have a media console you like but are looking for a way to secure the TV, Sanus offers these safety straps that will work with any piece of furniture. 

Sanus Accents A701

Sanus Accents A701

They Make an App for That

What I really like about Sanus is they are accessible and available at a variety of retail locations (just search your zip code). You can have someone do the installation for you, or you can take on the task yourself. They make an app to help you figure out the best product and how to mount it yourself. 

I hope this post helped you learn about your TV mounting options. If you have any questions or comments let me know, I'd love to hear. 


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